Buy Before You Sell

Buy a new home before listing your current home, eliminating any concerns over a home sale contingency or qualifying for both mortgages at the same time. If needed, you can also tap into your current home equity immediately with a down payment loan for your new purchase!

Step 1 | Get a Guaranteed Offer Price
Assess the condition of current home and provide a Guaranteed Offer Price.

Step 2 | Make a Strong Offer on a New Home. Shop for a new home with pre-approval or cash approval and no contingency. Program available
for homes valued $250,000 to $2,500,000.

Step 3 | Under Contract on New Home. Once offer is accepted on the new home, we’ll create a listing plan for the current home.

Step 4 | Close on New Home. Pack up and move in! Current home will be listed
within 10 days of close.

Step 5 | Get Full Market Value for Old Home. When old home sells, client receives full proceeds.
If not under contract within 90 days, home will be purchase at the Guaranteed Rate.

* Fees apply. The fee is dependent on the lender you use.

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