The Pitfalls of Ignoring Expert Advice in Real Estate

Today, we want to share a recent story that underscores the crucial distinction between what we want to hear and what we need to hear in the world of real estate. The story revolves around a listing presentation that highlights the potential consequences of prioritizing personal desires over professional advice. We can often find a balance between the two and having someone experienced in your corner can make quite the difference in making an educated decision. 

The Need Versus Want Dilemma:

In the real estate industry, there's often a tension between what clients want to hear and what they need to hear. Many brokers, driven by the need for business, might tell clients what they want to hear, even if it's not in their best interest. At the Denver Group, our philosophy is different. Instead of telling you what you want to hear, we tell you what you need to hear because we genuinely want your business and long-term success.

The Listing Presentation Debacle:

Recently, we found ourselves at a challenging listing presentation. The homeowner had a specific price in mind – $1.2 million for his property. However, based on our in-depth market analysis, we firmly believed that the realistic maximum price was one million dollars. We delivered the honest assessment, but it wasn't what the homeowner wanted to hear.

The Consequences of Ignoring Professional Advice:

Displeased with our valuation, the homeowner opted for another broker who promised to meet his desired price point. The result? The property closed at $885,000, a staggering $115,000 below our initial recommended maximum after months on the market. The homeowner not only lost a significant amount of potential income, but also endured extended time on the market and multiple price reductions.

The Emotional Real Estate Rollercoaster:

This story serves as a reminder of the rollercoaster that can unfold when emotions override sound professional advice. In the vast and complex world of real estate, it's easy to lose sight of good information amid the highs and lows. It underscores the importance of balancing personal wants with expert advice.

The Denver Group Difference:

At the Denver Group, our commitment is to provide you with the information you need for a successful real estate journey. We prioritize honesty over because our goal is to help you navigate the market effectively, avoid pitfalls, and achieve the best possible outcomes given the current market conditions.


The story of this listing presentation serves as a cautionary tale for both sellers and buyers in the real estate market. It highlights the pitfalls of ignoring expert advice and choosing what you want to hear over what you need to hear. When making significant decisions in the real estate realm, it's crucial to rely on professionals who prioritize your long-term success, even if it means delivering news you might not want to hear.

If you're in a similar situation or have questions about your real estate journey, we at The Denver Group are here to help. Let's have an open conversation about your goals, and together, we can navigate the real estate landscape with confidence.



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